Through the Lens:
Laundry Services

Through the Lens: Laundry Services
At CMMC, laundry service plays a key
role in supporting not only our laundering
needs, but also the infection prevention
strategies that the hospital and nursing home
have in place for patients.  Read More . . .


It is the standard of CMMC to wash all laundry through strict protocol as if it were contaminated.  These guidelines are in place to eliminate potentially harmful germs.

Laundry Service Facts:

  • CMMC washes an average of 31,000 pounds/month including hospital and nursing home linens and other washables.
  • CMMC Laundry Services employs 5 full-time and 1 part-time employees.



Environmental Services work closely with CMMC’s Infection Control Coordinator to maintain high standards and to ensure an infection free environment.

Environmental Services Facts:

  • Environmental Service staff clean an average of 139,000 square feet daily.
  • CMMC Environmental Services employs 15 full-time employees offering 24 hours/day service.

For further information please contact

Kellie Dieter; Environmental Services/Laundry Coordinator at 535-6397