Through the Lens:
Social Services

The Social Services department at
Central Montana Medical Center (CMMC)
is importantly involved with nearly every inpatient and resident admittance.
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Discharge planning, Skilled Nursing Center, and general social services:
Social Services are involved with nearly every patient and resident. From the moment of admittance, social services works with patients and residents to ensure their needs are being met, both within the facility and the community. Social services gather information about the patient, their family, and their social resources. We then assess any needs that are unmet and work to facilitate the fulfillment of those needs. Social services conduct preliminary Medicaid screenings and can answer questions regarding the Medicaid application process. In the Skilled Nursing Center, social services is instrumental in the creation and implementation of individualized care plans and acts as a family liaison to ensure needs are being met. Social services works on discharge planning in the hospital and the SNC to connect clients to community services such as Meals on Wheels, adaptive equipment, and home health services, or transfers to rehabilitation centers and long term care facilities. Social services also help coordinate support groups on topics such as Diabetes. Essentially, we are focused to keeping people emotionally healthy and receiving all the community resources needed.

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Social services are also involved in Developmental Disabilities Case Management and Home Care Services.