CMMC is committed to helping patients get back to their lives as quickly and safely as possible. At some point in your recovery, acute hospital care may no longer be necessary; however, you may not be physically ready to go home. A swing bed program may help. 

CMMC's swing bed program is designed to serve as a transition between acute hospital care and discharge to home, home health or a long-term care setting. Some reasons for being in a swing-bed program are:

  • 2009.06.swing-bedRecovery from major surgery
  • Repeated hospitalization
  • Recovery after a major accident or stroke
  • Pain management
  • Wounds that need special care
  • IV therapy
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy after a prolonged illness

During your swing-bed stay, our nurses and therapists provide a wide range of services, which may include:

  • Providing education and training to avoid pain and fatigue
  • Assessing your needs for special assistance devices
  • Teaching you breathing techniques and exercises
  • Assisting you with interpreting written and spoken statements
  • Promoting safe swallowing
  • Providing nutritional support and education

You may remain in the swing-bed program for as long as you have skilled therapeutic goals to obtain. When your goals have been met, you will be discharged from the program.

If you received acute care at another hospital outside of CMMC, you can transfer to CMMC as swing bed status. This allows you to be close to home, which helps in your recovery.

Medicare, as well as many private insurance plans, often cover the swing bed program.

 If you have questions about insurance coverage contact CMMC's Social Services department at (406) 535-6277